Confused again!!

It’s that time of year for me again. Last October I switched over to IOS again. I went from the S20+ to iPhone 12 Pro. I told myself I would give Apple one more try. I also got the Apple Watch 6 (which I absolutely love). And now the S21 is out I’m wanting to head back over to Android sometime in the near future. I really miss the buttery smoothness of the Samsung screens over Apple’s. Now I’m torn between the 21 Ultra or the 20 Note. The S21 has lost the sdcard but the Note 20 still has it, but it’s more expensive. Also the 21 has full 120 hrtz refresh rate and the Note 20 doesn’t. The 21 Ultra is easier to hold in the hands over the Note 20 and the camera update is the most improvement from last year. Decisions decisions…🤔

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