Connected Calls Delay and Notification Sounds Delay

Hello everyone. I’m not sure if posting two separate issues in the same thread is allowed, but if it’s not I will gladly create a separate post and edit this down to one.

Galaxy S20
Software Updated AUG 7, 2021
G981U1UES2DUG6 / G981U1OYM2DUG6 / G981U1UES2DUG6

The first issues happens with phone calls. Basically a majority of the time when I receive a call they cannot hear me for the first couple seconds after I pick up. I’ll answer and put the phone to my ear and give a greeting, but they don’t hear it. I’ve tried to count, and it seems about 2-3 seconds. Don’t think this happens on my outgoing calls, seems to only be on incoming calls. And if I had to guess, this started a couple updates back. Hard to pinpoint. I’m hoping others have had this issue and know a fix, otherwise if I need to provide more info ask away.

My second issue is text notifications. Basically I’ll get a text and will feel the vibration, however I don’t get a notification sound. But then when I unlock my phone and open the text THEN the sound goes off.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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