Connecting phone with an audio interface (focusrite)


I am trying to connect Gakaxy J7 ((2016), Android Version 8.1.0) with an audio interface (focusrite scarlett solo 3rd gen) connected via an usb hub powered by a powerbank.

My phone only gets charged. There is no option to transfer data. Also I cant transfer data with this setup, when i connect 2 android phones to usb hub, because the both only get charged. When i connect my phone to pc, i get to option to choose, what i want to do with the connection (data transfer, charging, etc.)
When i connect this setup to pc without the powerbank, audio interface works just fine but via pc. Audio interface is getting enough power too, which means that there is no hardware issue in the setup.

Guys, do you have any idea, how to swith from phone charging to data transfer?

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