Continuous green flashing light

Does anyone else have issue with the continuously flashing green light at the back of the watch? It even happens when I’m not wearing my watch. My "stress" measuring is set to "manual only" and my HR measuring is set to either "Manual only" or "every 10 minutes while still". I’ve tried both settings and experience the same issue. The only way to make it stop is reboot the watch but then a couple of hours afterwards it starts again. When I reboot the watch I do notice the green light being on sometime when I take the watch off but as soon as I set it upside down the light goes off. It also activates again when I pick it up. It feels more like it’s trying to figure out whether I’m wearing the watch or not. This green light is still, doesn’t blink. That’s not what I’m complaining about. The issue I’m having is a constantly flashing green light. It doesn’t seem like it should be doing that and the fact that it’s not doing it when I reboot the watch seems to support that thought.

I have the latest software updates and tried resetting the watch also with no luck.

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