Control Google assistant reminders

Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+

1. Is there an efficient way to manage Google reminders?

It can take up to I would say 30 seconds or more to complete a single reminder deletion, that is, if it actually gets deleted at all.

Trying to delete multiple reminders at once doesn’t work, and you’re lucky if the first reminder chosen in that list sequence gets deleted.

Similar problems with the "Deleted Reminders" list. Every reminder has the adjacent box "checked", but I don’t see any sort of delete mechanism. What is the purpose of that?

2. Is there a way to permanently delete/stop individual reminders?

Even when you delete those reminders, they don’t stop reminding. I keep stopping the reminders and they keep coming back.

3. What are "overdue" reminders? How do they get "overdue"? That list is eternally replenished.

4. Is there an online repository for these reminders where they can be managed better?

Is there a replacement app that also responds to voice?


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