Could you please send me information on who to contact regarding press materials

Dear Android Central,

I am writing to request permission to use the attached images / video still form your video for Clear Channel’s Android, 2014 in a forthcoming publication from Architectural Design (AD) magazine (Wiley) for a special issue on, "Alt-Form: Indeterminacy and Disorder," forthcoming in 2021/2022.

If you, as the copyright holder, are willing to grant permission to me and AD to use these images, please let me know at your earliest convenience. If you have other promotional images from the Times Square installation that you would prefer us to use, please let us know we would be delighted to consider them.

Please also let us know how would like us to credit you in the image (i.e. Courtesy of Clear Channel).

Thank you so much for your consideration,
Carolyn Kane

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