Crazy if you don’t have this super duty Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Case

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra
Thankfully though, this one from Schnail delivers in spades. This case is in two pieces and this helps to protect the curved edges of the Note’s screen when they’re put together. The camera bump in the back is also well protected and you don’t have to worry about the glass hitting first when you put your phone down, front or back.

The edges are nicely grippy and the buttons responsive but don’t stick out so far you hit them by mistake. The S-pen is also easily accessible to remove or replace in its slot. There’s a little hatch covering at the charger port that you have to open but the speakers and microphones aren’t covered. I was lucky to get this black case free from them, and it looks as good it feels. It’s a slightly beefy case, so if you want the shock protection and whatnot of a thicker case this is a great pick,

For me the added protection is a no-brainer, Yeah, I used to be an Otterbox Fanboy!

I did not and will not drop my phone on purpose, but the manufactory has a video shows all!

It is $18.98 at Amazon

For note 20…cUvbUpU6857659

for note 20 ultra…cUvbUpU6857659


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