Creaky Pixel 4A

I’ve owned the Pixel 4A since November of last year and to this day there are certain areas of the phone that creak when squeezed.

I notice a slight creaking noise when pressing my finger on the area below the camera housing on the back side. It is also more noticeable and louder when I press my finger on the area between the power button and volume button. Fortunately the 4A doesn’t have the squeeze to function feature so I don’t hear this often especially since I use a case. The only times I notice is when I take it out of the case and clean the phone.

It is not a total deal breaker for me and I understand it is plastic but it’s still a bit disappointing to see this on a "higher end" budget phone particularly when I never had this issue with my previous 3A XL that felt quite solid.

I was thinking going the RMA route but the phone itself works perfectly fine.

Have any of you experienced this?

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