Customize double press or long press of a button?

On the Galaxy Watch 3, I have the ability to customize or change the function of the long press or double press of the Home button on the Samsung Galaxy Wear app on the settings of the watch. Right now I have it configured so that if I double press the Home button, it turns on a 3rd party flashlight app which just turns the screen of the watch all white and allows me to adjust the brightness of the display by turning the watch bezel.

It is very handy to be able to turn on the flashlight app without looking at the watch and just double press the Home button on dark situations.

I ordered the Galaxy Watch 4 and I’m expecting to receive it next week. Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to customize the double press or long press of one of the buttons? I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere if this is possible yet.
SmartSelect_20210904-061212_Galaxy Watch3 PlugIn.jpg

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