Data Charged For App Removal?

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Re: LG Stylo 6, v10

A little backdrop to my story; my phone carrier started capping my unlimited data plan, and lately I’ve been reaching the cap limit awfully quick! So, I decided to go through my phone and delete/uninstall apps I’m not using, and turn off the background data on my apps to save more data, but yet I still seem to be consuming a lot of unexplained data, and so I click on my mobile data tab, and start scrolling through the apps, and I come across an app "removed Apps", and then I noticed dozens of apps that had five digit numbers; example: 10452, 10450, 10448, etc. In one billing cycle the "removed apps" consumed 4.97 GB of data; and the strange 5 digit apps close to 2 GB of data! I later figured out that every time I would delete/uninstall an app, one of the 5 digit number apps would show up right afterwards! It’s almost like a double bubble! If I were never to have noticed this – these two app groupings would continue to be silent data killer’s, and they don’t just trim around the edges either!

My question is; do phone carriers charge data for removing an application? Why are these 5 digit numbers appearing in the app column immediately following an app being uninstalled?

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