[DEC/31/21] BUKK DECEMBER update U.S.A.

Just released for U.S. S21 devices is update, BUKK.

This is showing a December 2021 Android Security patch

The models to receive it so far are G99*U1 carrier unlocked devices.

Rolled out, so far, to the following CSC codes…

  • USA (CCT) Comcast
  • USA (VZW) Verizon
  • USA (CHA) Xfinity Mobile

Build number = G99*U1UES4BUKK

Build date = 21 December???

Android Security patch = December 2021

The, "K", designation indicates a November update as all December update builds are, "L".

Strange that Verizon, G99*U, are pushing out a later, December, BULC build. See…


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