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Just purchased a new Samsung Tab S7+ (upgrading from a Tab S4). Used Smart Switch to move everything from the old tablet to the new S7+. It did great, however, it moved all my photos from my Micro SD card to the S7+ internal storage. I have been on the phone twice today with Verizon technicians to find out how to made my SD card the default location for storage. I have already deleted the photos from the tablet storage, and all the photos are currently stored on the SD card. So my two questions are as follows:
1. How do I tell my Tab S7+ to make my SD card the default storage location. So far the Verizon technicians have been unsuccessful in telling me how to do this (an hour on the phone with them and then being disconnected).
2. Once I do this, will all my photos on the SD card show up when I click on Gallery?

Thanks for any help.

So far, love the new S7+

Michael Navarro

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