Deleted almost all internal files but available barely increased, lost SD space

My phone was showing that my internal storage was at like 97%, I wasn’t even able to see the files in the gallery anymore. 32GB

I have 128GB of storage on SD card and it said I had used something like 90-95gb or so, I don’t remember the exact number but I knew I’d have a few GB’s to spare and could transfer everything to my SD card. I used to do transfer everything to computer but I decided for now just do to it this way – I copied the files over and I remember seeing for example in "downloads" I had 468 files and it showed the name number on SD card and internal. Also now the GB # made sense on SD card.

I then go into internal using "My Files" application and went into each folder, selected all, and deleted in folders where I knew I had a lot of files like DCIM, Downloads… not other folders that I figured could be system files.

After doing that it now shows I still have 28GB of storage remaining, which makes no sense, almost everything besides a couple of GB is under "Other". I remember comparing and initially it showed after copying that the SD card had more storage for everything as I would expect… I read a few people say that "Google Files" app helps to find missing stuff. I download the app and just did a look around but didn’t touch anything, I go back and now it’s saying SD storage is 79GB only, and I had done a comparison between internal and SD after copying and everything was higher on the SD — but when i look at the storage analyzer now it says "Other 27.91GB" for internal (88% used), and it’s showing SD card I used 79.70/119 (66%) when it should be at 90% at least.

I have no idea what is going on but I’m pissed. This isn’t the first time I have seen this happen where it didn’t show the correct storage by a long shot and I know I’m not the only one.

Only thing I did was also update the gallery app since it said there was a new version. Please help. The "downloads" folder shows the exact same number of files still on the SD card, but unfortunately I didn’t write down how many for the other couple of bigger folders.

Myfiles folder I checked sorting by largest and checked the bottom and top to be sure and they barely have anything in them.

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