Desperately need your help – They cannot hear me

I have a 2,5 year old Samsung S9+ that half year ago started acting up on me.

2/3 of the times when people call me they cannot hear me in the phone but I can hear them clearly. However it works EVERY time I call them up, therefore It would strike med off if it was a hardware issue.

I have tried this so far:

1. Shutting the phone off and on again.
2. With help of cellphone provider I have reset their settings on it
3. Made sure wifi calling was off on it
4. Updated the phone to newest software version
5. Ordered and tried with new sim card
6. Swapped sim card into other phone (samsung mini) and there was no problems there.

Does anyone have ANY idea what might be the issue? I dont think it is software related, since it would affect a lot of people, so maybe it is app related? I tried deleting 10 apps or so on the phone, thinking it might be apps that use microphone, that might cause problems (deleted whatsapp for example), but no luck. Still a lot of apps on the phone so might be something I have overlooked.

It doesn’t seem like it is a certain model of phone from caller that is the issue. It is all types of phones calling me where I 2/3 of the time cannot hear them.

I currently have android version 10 on my phone.

The only thing left to try is a complete factory reset of the phone, but before I try that, I was hoping that you guys might already know if it might be app or phone related.



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