DeX in 4k trhough USBC

Samsung Galaxy S20 & S20+ & S20 Ultra
Having issues trying to display 4k with Samsung DeX through a USBC cable. Only option I have is 1080p.

Current setup is galaxy s20 ultra 512GB (16GB ram vs 12GB on other ultra models) and a 4k portible monitor (uperfect 4k portible monitor 299 on amazon). I can display 4k when my roku stick or xbox one x is connected through HDMI. I even had a USBC to HDMI cable and it still wouldnt display 4k. (monitor has USBC and HDMI ports) I can wirlessly connect DeX to the roku stick and its in 4k

According to Google a USBC cable is capable of streaming 4k. I have a few USBC cables and all of them can super charge my phone so im guessing they are USBC 3.0. What am i missing here? A fancy 4k USBC cable? A USBC docking station? Do i need a seperate power source to push 4k assuming that my phone by itself cant push 4k by itself? When my phone is connected to the monitor it can super charge my phone while its streaming DeX. send help!

The monitor has 2 USBC ports and a HDMI. One USBC port is to power the monitor and the other is for charging and streaming. But im thinking that I maybe need a USBC docking station to power the monitor and stream the 4k. It requires 45w to power the monitor which is why its able to super fast charge my phone. Or if i connect to the HDMI through a USBC hub it can help push more power through to stream 4k seeing as the roku stick and xbox one x have more power to push more data through HDMI? Thinking out loud. Could not find anything about this on the Google


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