Disable persistent notifications – feature is missing

I’m not sure if this "Persistent" is the correct term. Anyhow, more and more apps are staying in the notification area and can’t be wiped away. Basically, most of the notification areas are filled with Shelly, Teams, F-Secure and Freedome, Fonecta caller…
When wiped to the right are only the Settings offered. From settings, I can disable notifications one by one or all of them, but don’t find Persistent selection, which I assume makes those notifications normal that can be wiped away.

This same behavior applies to the Samsung S10 phone and S7 tablet with the latest UI update in both.

It’s ok for apps to run background and say their things when something needs to be told, but then the user should be able to ignore them until the next time. For instance, Shelly is saying all the time how many gadgets are Online. Relevant information indeed, but still, I’d like to wipe it away until some issues occur and need to be reported. Fonecta Caller shows last calls list permanently. It a bit wrong place to make such a list that is a devs problem, but now it is turned to be the user problem. The latest call would be fine until ignored and wiped away. This chapter was meant to explain why I’d like to get rid of those permanent notifications.

The question:
Is there a setting on how to make those "permanent notifications" wipeable?

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