Disabled Wi-fi issues!!

I know this topic has been covered over and over again but I still cannot figure out my exact issue.
As some of you may know, there are 1.5 million xfinity wifi connections that are open to the public. Ive been using the same connection for over a year and yesterday I started getting the dreaded "disabled" message on this connection. My laptops and other devices are still utilizing it fine. Ive clicked airplane mode off and on, reset network settings, deleted third party apps, whatever I could think of. I message LG and Comcast and they were no help.
Ive seen plenty of people fix the issue but its usually on their home connection where they can reset it or disable a password. (the xfinity connection does not ask for password, just lets you click "connect".)
Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!!!

Also, I put my phone into safe mode to disabled third party apps and still nothing.
Saw a post about switching to static IP and nada.
Just changed my phone name and nothing.
Trying to contact comcast to see if my IP has been blacklisted. I did the static method though with a different IP and still didnt work.

Thank you!!!

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