Disastrous Experience with a VZW Phone From the Google Store

Ordered a Verizon 6 from the Google store. Spent a couple of hours transferring setting, files and downloading apps. Then another hour setting up my work profile. Went to make a phone call and…. no service.

Then spent NINETY MINUTES on the phone with Verizon. Helpful person, but could not get their network to recognize the SIM the phone shipped with.

And "preferred care"…. What a crock of sh!t. Impossible to get anyone on the phone. I’m number 56 on line for a chat session. Grrrrr……

Horrible customer experience. I’ve bought every phone since the Pixel XL from the Google store. This experience will push me to go to a carrier store where I can at least speak to a human being.

Back to the root of the problem, anyone else have issues activating a Verizon phone bought on the Google store?

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