discussion of U.S. national carriers and likes/dislikes

This is not intended to be a commercial for any one service. It would help people like me who are still on the fence about their service to pick a plan/provider.

I moved from AT&T to Boost Mobile (the $60 plan). A friend had used Boost for a long time, so I thought I’d give it a go. There are no horror stories, other than seemingly not being able to completely disable voicemail (according to google searches) and the somewhat crappy website, I’m getting okay service.

The phone signal is definitely better than AT&T was on my S5. I don’t know if it was the phone, the case, AT&T, or a combination thereof, but I’d have to go into developer mode each time I started the phone and enable WCMDA only to get a decent signal (and I don’t live in a remote area). I also LOATHED the push message for AT&T’s bloatware update. In the middle of the camera or taking a picture or movie? You don’t need that! The useless push message stops whatever recording you have going on. There is a way to kill it, but one has to root the phone.

I was kind of curious about Verizon’s (I think it’s the Do Anything) plan, the 90 buck one. One can get hulu, Discovery plus, apple music, etc. (Although reading the fine print on the next plan down, one would have to go through the trouble of manually canceling once the trial period ended on these, with potentially a huge bill if one didn’t. I thought that was rather underhanded. This plan doesn’t seem to have that problem. How does it work if one has an unlocked phone? Do they supply you with a username/pass for said services?

Anyone have any experience with Spectrum (formerly Time Warner) mobile?

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