Do you buy phones to evaluate and return?

I’m reading where people are returning these Flips because they don’t do this or that. Some are even calling the ‘flip’ part a sales gimmick. I don’t get that accusation. I mean…. it’s literally named a friggin FLIP.
You knew that when you bought it.

And disappointment over battery life is an arguable point. But I already had done my research and knew the battery life wasn’t exactly what larger batteries are. The battery life is fine for me tho. I usually top off during the day with any phone I own. It’s not an experiment to see how far I can push a battery. It’s a cellphone. Besides, I’m not on an outback excursion and away from electricity during the day.

I would wager that most, if not all, of the people in AC here have researched their phones before they bought them.

So it’s hard to see how someone didn’t just go thru all the hassle of buying a phone to simply play with it just so they can return it and then complain about how it doesn’t get a fair return value or find fault in every millimeter of the device.

I mean, it’s a free world. But it’s like someone went to a lot, looked at trucks, bought one, drove the truck home, drove it a week, and then suddenly went…

I’m taking this truck back.
I don’t like color.

Do you guys buy phones like this? I’ve had phones since bag phones and I’ve never taken one back because I changed my mind.

Buyin’ a phone and then being surprised enough to return it (unless you just bought it and didn’t even Google it and who would do that in 2021?) seems odd to me.

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