Do you on multiple EarBuds/Headphones, ever lost one?

I started this because I found out my friend has 3 pairs for bluetooth EarBuds one of them is an Apple AirPods Pro and beats Headphones. I joke around saying, I thought I was weird for having 3 phones. LOL

I only had one pair and it was free from Samsung, for the life of me I can’t remember the model or which Galaxy phone it came with but it was a few years ago.

Anyways, it’s probably the worst pair I’ve owned but being free it is what it is. So I bought some JBL headphones, again can’t remember the model because some how I missed placed it. FML.

I love the timing too because last month I sold the Buds2 that I got for free with my Flip3 for $120. Tonight, being so sick and tired of the unknown model Samsung, I bought a new Skullcandy Push Ultra tonight I found on Kijiji sealed for $80. I had a pair from them long time ago but broke them. They’re decent just want something different and secure on my ears.

My point here I guess why do people have multiple sets?

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