Documents in ‘My files’ showing different content than that in internal storage documents folder

Samsung S21 5G running Andriod 11.
On my old phone (S9) if I saved a spreadsheet from Excel app, I could save it into a sub folder in ‘documents’ and I would be able to view it through using ‘My files’ and clicking on the ‘Documents’ category icon, and navigating to the sub folder, and bang, there it was. All good.
Now, on my S21, when I perform the same operation it seems to save to the internal storage/documents folder, but is not visible when I use ‘My files’ and click on the Documents category. The sub folder is there, but not the newly saved document is not.
Why is ‘My files’ not seeing all my documents in the internal storage/documents folder, and is the a known issue/solution?

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