Does anybody use or and notice how intrusive they are to our privacy?

I’ve been on gain.GG and now for a few months using their rewards programs and then when I run out of offers to take I’ll create another account and try to mask my identity. at first I was doing pretty good but they seem to be evolving to and it’s crazy the level of Jeff stibel go to to make sure they know who you are I think it represents what the internet will be like a few years from now every site every company will have us locked down wound up tighter than ****’s hat bands. Even though I do make a few dollars off the site when I get an account that’s successful it’s not about the money the reason why I’m coming here to this form creating a thread it just doesn’t sit right with me that they could be sold invasive of my privacy in my life and I don’t even know how they’re finding out who I am if I get a brand new phone and set up a brand new Gmail account they still know who I am I don’t know what they know if it’s from Kansas City they can just guess I’ll get there just guessing because of the town or what but they are finding out who I am and I want to eat them if anybody has any suggestions. I apologize for any grammar errors I’m in a hurry and I’m using talk to text and I don’t speak very good so it’s putting out stuff that don’t make sense

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