Does anyone know a good galley app that can see and search by XMP tags?

So, the Samsung Galley app is great. Nice design, easy to tag and untag pictures… However, it uses its own tagging system for which I couldn’t find a way to make backups, which means that is something were to happen to my phone, I would have to retag about 9000 pictures.
Yeah, so I’ve been looking into XMP tags and I found a "way" to transfer the tags, but I can’t find any Android galley app that sees them and is actually usable. "Exif pro" is a mess full of ads (I couldn’t even find a way to search for a tag, and all the other Gallery apps that I found and support XMP tags were last updated about 5 years ago and crash every other minute.
Like, in Windows, all you have to do is search "tag:tag1, tag2" in the File Explorer, but I can’t find any Android alternative.

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