Does Secure Folder not have the same contact/calendar options aymore? (note20 ultra)

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Are there no options for contacts & calendar to be shown outside of the Secure Folder on Note 20? Also, the "Hide contact on Lock screen" option is not present either.

I tried to import the old Secure Folder setting from Note9 and I also tried a new Secure Folder setup and still, these options do not show.

The "Contacts and Calendar" option and the "Hide content on Lock screen" are missing from the Notification and data page under the Secure Folder option on Note 20… Therefore, there is no way I can show the information inside and outside of the Secure Folder for calendar and contacts. The "show data info" is checked but it doesn’t show when any saved contacts info from the Secure Folder texts os calls.

These options were present in Note 9 and worked perfectly. Does anyone have this issue?


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