Don’t forget about the little things! (My Samsung experience.)

When it comes to phones I feel a lot of people only focus on camera, storage, screen, charging capability, ip rating, and the other big focuses of phones. It does seem that a lot of little things tend to get brushed under the rug. Coming over from using an iphone regularly from the X to the 12 Mini, this is apples area they really excell on. There are just a lot of little things on an iphone that you really kind of over look when you use them.

That is why I enjoy the S21 a lot. This phone does all the key things really well but it also does the little things really well. I recently got the chance to try out the pixel 5 and the little things are what killed that phone for me and one major thing. I made a post about the major thing, to sum that up in one sentence the audio capabilities on the pixel 5 are not good at all.

The little things for me that make this phone are,

Bixby Routines – I don’t do wild things with them but I have a few routines setup to take care of mundane things like turning the wifi of when I connect to my car. Or turn the volume off when opening apps that like to auto play with the volume at max. Autoplay music when I put my headphone on. Yesterday I learn thanks to a post on here I could keep my phone unlocked with a routine when connect to my home wifi, serious life changer right there.

The Edge Panel – I live on that panel, it is so freaking useful. I just have an apps page for those apps that your frequently use but don’t want to clutter your home screen. I have a contacts page for just my frequent personal and work contacts. I have tried out other panels but more then 2 just seems like work at that point haha.

GoodLock – This is a really game changer for this device, I love being able to tweak my homescreen setup. The best one is added more apps to your dock. I also love that you can customize the app switcher. I was rocking a list but the pixel 5 made me appreciate the full screen. I dont really get into the notistar or the lock screen portion.

ThemePark – Being able to go in and tweak and fine tune a theme to your wallpaper is a very nice addition. I imagine it will only get better with android 12.

Samsung Dex – This is such a killer feature and has pretty much replaced my computer. In fact I am using it right now to type out this post. I am able to remote into my work pc using samsung dex. Its just so useful and the Dex labs pretty much makes most apps work in full screen. However there are a few issues I have ran into but its experimental so its not a guarantee to work.

Samsung Messages – The reason for this is the ability to pin conversations. The ability to add conversation categories that you can put message threads into. I have category for the most people I talk to the most in my personal life. I have a category for all of my work related contacts. Its such a life save to just select work and only scroll through a few conversations before finding the person I am looking for.

The pixel 5 really did help me realize that the s21 is just a solid device that does a lot of things very well out of the box. I am really looking forward to the next phone in the S line. I hope they keep the flat screen and size of the base s21.

Edit: I forgot to add the dolby atmos and adapt sound profile. Those 2 paired with a nice headphone are absolutely killer. I still have my airpod pros mainly because they sounds freaking amazing and the transparency/noise canceling works exactly as if I had an iPhone. Add on that I prefer apple music and the fact that the s21 is compatible with apples spatial audio. You get a very nice music listening experience.

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