double side by side images

Hi everybody, I have been searching for about 2 days with no succes an android app that can simply put the camera feed image to a twin / double square image on the screen, like it is made for stereoscopy.

I know that what I want it is useless and has no true 3 D effect, but I want to try as an experiment for pseudo stereoscopy or fake stereoscopy with my 3D VR Googles.

I need an app that can take the 2 dimmension image from the single phone camera and put it on the phone screen side by side in 2 separate square images and this way I can put my phone in the 3D VR Googles and see the same image doubled like it was designed for 3D effect.

Please note that the app should take only one single image from the single rear phone camera. I don`t want 2 separate images from phones that have 2 side by side cameras as that would be a true 3d stereo image.

Please also note that I need live image from the camera to be displayed on the screen even though I cannot record it

Does any of you know any app that is able to perform this? I try many photo and video apps from play store but no one can do this simple task of duplicating side by side a single image from the camera. I installed and check: dual window apps, split screen apps, split camera apps, twin camera, cardboard viewers

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