doubt with the program installation package

Hello everyone, I was looking at the battery usage levels of my cell phone, and I found these 3 apps, "help with the access package", "package installation program" and "facebook app manager" (the 3 that have the android icon), I am struck by the installation program of the package, since investigating it says that it runs with applications that are not downloaded directly from the play store, I also found that the facebook app manager downloads and installs updates from facebook outside the play store. My question is: Does that mean then that the 3 apps are related to each other? Or should I suspect something? By the way, I reset this cell phone to its factory settings 3 days ago, all the applications that I have downloaded have been from the play store and are verified by google play protect, besides, I have malwarebytes installed (running a daily analysis) and no has found nothing wrong.

Well, apparently I can’t upload XD images, so I comment that the package access help has 0.11% consumption and is running, the package installation program has 0.09% consumption and is stopped, and facebook app manager has 0.06% consumption and is stopped.

I just rechecked, and both facebook app manager and package installer are running.

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