Dropped Phone Have Verizon Insurance

Phone came from Samsung but it’s a S21 Ultra Verizon brand. Dropped it last night on my driveway and it hit pretty hard. I have a Glass Fusion on it by Zagg. Screen didn’t crack but protector messed up in several places and my phone is messed up pixelated lines one going down the side by the edge screen and another going across under the date and weather and some yellow light is flashing. I am so upset I was crying.

Anyway I have the Verizon Insurance it’s like 6.80 a month I pay do I go through them or is it still under a 1 year from Samsung. I know it’s my fault and I dropped it and the phone works but I am still so upset and I am worried if it can’t be fixed will I even be able to get another one like refurb from Verizon insurance anyways cause I have the 512 model I forgot to mention and their hard to come by.

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