Dual Sim Android One OS query

Hi All,

I have a Nokia 5.3 and have asked this question on the Nokia forums but might get better info here. This phone runs Android One and is a dual sim phone so I am hoping to use this as both a work and personal phone however, I do not want to have all contacts, phone logs and messages in the one "inbox". I have seen and tried some apps such as Island and Shelter and while these are fine for apps such as Chrome, Teams, Outlook etc… however, I don’t seem to be able to clone just the standard dialer, Contacts and messages properly (tells me only admin can do it… and I have enabled device admin for the app). All I’m looking for is:

* Two dialers with separate call logs (one for each sim)
* Two Contacts lists (again separate, again one for each sim)
* Two Messages inboxes for SMS (again, separate and one per sim)
* The means to turn off calls/texts etc…. to and from the work sim after hours

Is the above possible in any way on this particular Android phone? I believe Samsung offer something like this on some of their newer phones so I’m wondering if this just a device manufacturer feature not enabled/configured on the Android OS or what. Or is there a suitable third party app that could do this for me? It sounds so simple that I almost expected it to be a normal thing for dual sim phones but I can’t find anyone doing it outside of Samsung (and I really don’t want to get a Samsung). I would imagine the creator of such an App could get plenty of cash to develop something offering this.

Any thoughts?

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