Duel Messenger Whatsapp, Cannot send Gifs, Cannot take and send photos within a chat. Gallery not sh

Hello Guys

I am running whatsapp version I have whatsapp setup as a duel messenger. On my duel messenger version of whatsapp, recently i have not been able to perform the following

1) No Gifs can be sent on the chat. I just get the retry icon
2) I cannot take a pic from my chat, when i try i see a message saying that the file format cannot be supported.
3) Any pics i receive, they are downloaded, but i cannot see them in my Samsung galaxy app. I have the media visibility option enabled.

I cannot not see any of the downloaded pics in the following location.


I do not know where the duel version of the whatsapp is storing the pics from my chats.

Any ideas what could be causing this.

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