Duo 2FA problems on BLU J7L

When I try to log-in to services that use the duo system where it calls you and then you press a number to verify, I keep getting this issue.

This happens in chrome and firefox. The issue is that I’ll load up the web page where it gives the option to call you or use a one time pass code. I’ll then choose for it to call me and then i’ll press a key on my phone. After that, i’ll open the browser again, but I end up seeing that the page has somehow refreshed back to the screen where it asks me for a call.

No matter how many times I press ‘call me’ and then enter a key, the page never goes through.

My theory is that this phone keeps unloading the page to free RAM (it only comes with 1GB) or for energy saver reasons. I’ve gone into dev mode and disabled "don’t keep activities", i’ve disabled all energy saver restrictions for the browsers and I’ve tried using different dialer apps but none of the above worked.

The only thing that works is pressing ‘call me’ and then quickly pressing the square button at the bottom of the screen. If I do this then answer the call, press a key, and then open the browser again, it correctly logs in.

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