[EARN] Clicker Blitz – Earn Real Funds [WORKING!]

there is a new game on the Play Store called Clicker Blitz. (They were out 1 month ago, but they couldn’t keep up with the demand, so they had to unpublish the game). Now it’s back online. You tap on the screen in the Single Player mode and in around a minute of tapping, you are ready to participate in the first Duel (you can also participate in the first Duel by watching 1 rewarded ad and making 1 gem).

The first Duel costs 0.0005USD and you can double these funds by winning. 0.0005USD is a small amount of funds, but then you double that amount and enter a higher Duel where you can double your amount again. The Duel takes 30 seconds and is a 1v1 battle. If you will win, you can get to the 1USD or 5USD or even 20USD Duel in around 15 minutes. And then you can make 20USD every 30 seconds if you are good. The minimum withdrawal is 1USD and it should arrive to your PayPal account within 7 working days.

I already made around 5 withdrawals 1 month ago, they arrived in a few days. (In the Duels you battle with another player and who clicks faster and has a higher score of taps in 30 seconds will win and double the amount that he put in, the loser loses the amount he put).

Check it out! —>😎



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