Email and Ringtone Issue

Hello I currently have a Note 9, and am looking for help with the following issues. One issue is that when my screen is off and my ringtone is playing it does not play for a very long time, before turning off. I would like it to ring until I actually pick up the phone or enough times so that I have the time to pick it up.

My other issue is, that when my screen is not locked, and someobody sends me an email, the content of the email as well as the person who sent it is viewable. I am a very private person, and if me and my friends are looking at my phone, I would hate to get an email that everybody could see. On lockscreen the contents of the email are hidden, but without the phone being locked, the email appears in the notification panel, and if I click on it, the notification expands to allow me to replay, which is something that I also want to get rid of.

Is there any way that I can, just see the sender of the email and nothing else?

Thank you in advance

My launcher: Nova Launcher
My security App: Bittdefender

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