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Hi all,
just came back to android after few years and struggling to readapt…

One of the major issues: I hugely rely on notes and reminders. On iOS the standard reminders app had a great functionality: you take a note, set a time, the note pops up in your lock screen at that time and there it stays till you mark it as completed.

I would like something similar in android, but after extensive research i have not found anything!
The second best alternative I was exploring was some widget to show "active" notes on the home screen, but none I have tried does the trick. The closest I have found is Any.do, but it displays the latest added note, not the ones expired

I can’t believe I am the only one that is missing this from iOS… any hints?
thanks a lot in advance!

PS for those wondering: the typical use case for me would be: i need to do something after work, i want to be reminded at 8pm, but if i don’t have time at that exact second I want the note to stay so that as soon as I have 5 mins free i can do that. Snoozing won’t do the trick as it would be a pain in case i need to postpone indfinitely for hours…


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