Err 0x1124000 in SW Update 15 on LG G6

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Model number is VS988.
Software version is VS98830a
I have tried to update the software with Software Update 15 four times.
Each time the screen Updating Now … (1/2) shows "Err 0x1124000".
Settings->System updates shows "SYSTEM UPDATE STATUS/Configuration updated/Applied Oct 2, 2020 at 8:28 PM PDT"
Yet the update process shows "Unsuccessful" and suggests I use the Software Upgrade Assistant.
Version 5.4 can only be used up to MacOS 10.13, and fails "not compatible".
I am running 10.15 Catalina. Do you know where I can get a version that works with 10.15?
Otherwise can you comment on "Err 0x1124000"?


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