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I have a Moto Z4 with this app installed. Can someone explain to me how to move photos from the Camera folder to a new or existing folder? It seems something has changed from the old File Explorer app that I had on my Droid Turbo 2.
When I click on a photo from the Camera folder and then click the "add to album" tab it only gives me about 6 of the folders that I have created and I probably have about 50 folders total.
Also is there a setting etc where once I move the photo from the camera folder to another folder it will not show up in the Camera folder? This is what I’d like as I hate having pictures in multiple locations.
Maybe there is a way to move the pictures within folders in the Google Photos app instead?
I’m open to a different file manager app if it’ll give me the features like I mentioned above. I like to create folders as needed so it’s easier to locate a particular picture as needed.
Any help would be appreciated.


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