Exporting Amazon KIndle downloads from Nexus to a PC

Hello. I’ve searched for posts on this topic but can’t find any. If they are there and I’m simply looking in the wrong place or with the wrong search terms, my apologies.

My Nexus 7 (bought in 2013) is used mainly for ebooks from various sources, primarily Amazon, so over the years the number of titles stored in its memory has become very unwieldy. Because of this (I assume) the table now runs very slowly and erratically, especially the Amazon Kindle app. It’s running Anndroid 4.4.4.

Is it possible to export the bulk of these titles to roomier storage on a desktop PC? They seem to be in the Nexus folder Internal storage/Android/data/com.amazon where they’re filed under puzzling file names rather than their titles, but my attempt to move them across the (wired) network to a Windows 7 machine didn’t work: the Nexus simply froze and had to be rebooted.

Am I making a very basic mistake somewhere? I’d appreciate any thoughts and advice.

Many thanks.

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