Extracting text messages and call logs

My father passed away last week and I want to save text conversations and phone logs to a Windows 10 PC before canceling his cell service and retiring his phone. Just moving to Android (S20 5G FE) myself, I have no idea what’s the best way to do that.

His phone is on Android 8.1.0, an LG Stylo 4. I installed an app to do it but it only offers backups to One Drive, Drop Box, GMail (iirc) or SD card. He had none of those. So I would prefer not to take any of those paths, particularly without knowing if the saves were even usable on a PC.

How can I do this, preferably via USB to the PC and preferably for free? The saves need to be human readable; I only mention that because I recall from a distant past, extracting text conversations from a Windows phone and the date/time stamps were the seconds from some fixed earliest start date.

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