Facebook account not synching (can’t turn it on) since Android 12

Hello everyone,
I noticed after 2 days late last week when I upgraded to Android 12 on my Pixel 3aXL that I wasn’t getting any notifications from the notify bar at the top.

I went into the Settings->Passwords & Accounts and noticed under my Accounts that Facebook was there but when I click on it, it says -> ‘Account Synch, Synch off for all items’. If I click on it, it’s just a blank screen with the Facebook logo as there’s no synch items showing up to turn on or off.

I cleared the Facebook app cache, nothing changed. I then removed the Facebook app and account from my Pixel, re-installed the app but still shows ‘Synch off for all items’.

Any idea how to get the synch options back?! 🙂


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