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Currently have Note20Ultra. This problem started earlier this year, when I still had S9+. I like having my phone on Do Not Disturb mode and it’s been this way for 5+ years.

Chat heads USED to pop up (if it wasn’t already on the side of my screen) and it would show, in red, the amount of unread messeges. If I was on my phone, doing something on a different app, it would show a preview of the messege being sent to me popping out from the chat head bubble.

After one of the updates earlier this year, it stopped doing that and I noticed it will "work" only if I turn off my Do Not Disturb mode. I noticed it was after one of the updates, earlier this year, and I’m pretty sad about it. Does anyone know how to work around this while being able to keep my Do Not Disturb on?


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