Facebook file picker fix?

So after a long struggle, I found out that Facebook does not support a file picker straight to google photos. Such a shame! I really use Facebook a lot for groupes as I am an admin in different groupes. I thought it might be a solution just to download all the photos from my Huawei cloud to the device, so I can fast access the photo’s I want to post. But here’s the problem : all the downloaded photos are synced by ‘date of download’ and not sorted by ‘date taken’. So all photo’s on the Huawei device are totally mixed up. Is there a way to avoid this, fix this? Don’t like the Facebook browser, the app runs smoother. But then again, I hate the fact that I should constantly download a photo from Huawei cloud or Google Photos to get a specific photo into the device before I can actually get it on Facebook. Hope there is a fix … 🤔

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