Facebook Messenger Calls Kill Mobile Network Connection

Any time I make or receive a call on Facebook Messenger, 1-2 seconds after connecting my mobile network (VZW) connection dies on my phone. I’ve now found a second app (Rally Health) that does the exact same thing when doing a video call. Calls work fine on Wifi, it’s only an issue when I’m on my mobile network. This isn’t an issue on my wife’s Iphone, so I don’t think it’s a VZW problem. It seems like it’s either a Android issue, or a Samsung issue. I’ve had 2 Samsung phones (Note 8, S21+), same issue on both of them.

I’ve tried reinstalling, clearing data/cache, and turning all permissions on. These have not helped.

Other video conferencing apps like Zoom and Google Meets work fine. I’ve only had this problem on these other two apps. Rally Health support told me since it works on Wifi, it’s not a problem with their app.

Any ideas?

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