Factory Rest Fails

New phone so want to pass on my S9 phone to a.n.other

I carried out 3 button restart, and get the recovery menu
I select Wipe data / Factory Reset
Proceed > factory data reset
Bottom of screen it says ‘Data Wipe Complete
I then select > system restart
It looks like normal restart to the point I get “Samsung” on screen and blue LED fading slowly up & down.
It does not finish restart, no matter how long I leave it.

I then used press and hold ‘OFF’ it will not shut down, and then I ger message “Android Starting”
Looks normal, select language .. then get message “unauthorized attempt at reset, need to connect to Internet ….”
I was then prompted to put in my old phone date (google email etc)

So it’s now back up & running …… how can I carry out Factory Wipe and NOT be asked to put my data back in ?

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