Fast Wireless Charging on older phone

I have an LG G3 with Android version 6.0. I put a wireless charging case cover on it and have been using it successfully for 2 years with this wireless charger

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It never seemed to get hot and charged quickly.

I recently added this WAITIEE Wireless Car Charger to my car.…cUvbUpU6922245

I also installed this built-in Quick Charge 3.0 Dual USB Charger Socket.…cUvbUpU6922245

Everything seems to work as it should except the charging. The phone gets hot. Especially when using GPS. The phone even overheated a couple times and went into a cool down mode. Something it has never done. I also noticed even with all the heat it doesn’t charge well at all. It shows as charging, but battery percentage continues to go down.

One last thing regarding the Quick Charge 3.0 Dual USB Charger Socket. If I plug it into my phone directly (no wireless charging) it appears to work OK.

Of all the reviews on the WAITIEE Wireless Car Charger virtually no one reported their phones getting hot. Can someone help me figure this thing out?

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