Favorite Android App-Text2Speech

That’s not a real app that’s an abbreviation. There is a little stick figure on the bottom right of the screen when you press it it pulls out a little widget and all you have to do is highlight the text you want to read by swiping your finger over it and it reads it and it reads it beautifully. It is great for proofreading and it is great for reading some of those long postings that people write, I’m one of them, and you just too tired to read. I thought I downloaded this thing and I could never find it to put it on to the s21 Ultra. So I downloaded one or two of them and they didn’t seem like they were the right thing for me because hitting that stick figure and then just swiping is easy. Then I see the stick figure on my phone. So I don’t know if it picked it up from my LG v40 or this is part of the Android system. So do you have that little stick figure on your bottom right of your screen when there is text. And if you hit it a little box comes up top right and then all you have to do is swipe and it will read the text for you. I don’t know if it’s an app or what it’s called but I have a feeling it’s part of the Android system. I love it. I will use it right now to proofread what I just wrote.

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