Feel Kinda Like an Apple Fan Boi

The time had come to replace my Pixel 2XL so I went shopping. One of the nice things about Android vs. Apple is there are a lot of choices with Android, not just among manufacturers but also among features and hardware. I was completely satisfied with my Pixel 2XL but I thought here was my chance to try something different, like a Samsung or a OnePlus.

So I did my research, read a lot of reviews, talked to friends, and ended up with…. the Pixel 5a. I almost bought a Samsung S10 Fan Edition, but in the end the familiarity with the Pixel environment, the stellar camera, and the new, massive battery kept me with a Google phone.

I guess that familiarity with the product is what keeps Apple owners returning to Apple phones, despite successive models not being much different from their predecessors. It also helps that Apple phones are really, really good. And there is that comfort with the OS and Apple environment.

Having had the 5a for almost a week now it isn’t much different from my 2XL. Wide angle lens camera, bigger battery, and water proof is basically it. But the Pixel phones are so, so good and my two main criteria are camera and battery, and since both are improvements for me, I’m happy with my choice.

Now, about that Pixel 6 Pro…

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