Few annoying things.

The screen doesn’t seem to turn off when I make a call. When I bring the phone up to my ear after dialing a number I can feel that haptics as my ear is engaging the notification swipe down.

I make a lot of calls with Bluetooth headphones. You have to physically hit the power button before putting the phone in your pocket after dialing a number. Figured this out when mid conversation the call was switched from pixel buds to the phone.

The notification panel is far to sensitive and triggers over the slightest touch when trying to do anything else.

Say stop or snooze doesn’t actually work with the alarm.

The translator app is pure garbage. My boss’s native language is Spanish and it literally got everything she said wrong every time. My coworkers native language is polish and it got everything she said wrong as well.

The finger print scanner is like a piece of old equipment, sometimes it works perfect every time and others it just never seems to work.

Smart lock when connected to my car is a 50/50 on if it works or not.

Anyone have suggestions on these, or is this the pixel experience lol.

Edit: The being out on hold feature and notifying you a person is there also doesn’t actually work.

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