Finally able to ditch Samsung?

Google Pixel 5
Pixel 1 – Huge, asymmetric bezels. Low quality OLED screen.
Pixel 2 – Even larger, bezels. Are you kidding me Google?!
Pixel 3 – Slow, not enough RAM.
Pixel 4 – Tiny battery for a 90hz screen. Large-ish asymmetric bezels. Could use more RAM. No fingerprint reader.
Pixel 5 – Perfection?

I buy a new phone every year. I used to get the Nexus phone every year up through the Nexus 6p, then I jumped ship with the Pixel 1 and have had every Galaxy phone from the S7 to S20. I’ve always felt the Pixel phones were about a year behind in design and weren’t better than the existing galaxy phone, and usually look silly next to the next year’s Galaxy phone which is announced only a few months after the Pixel. It seems the Pixel 5 has finally caught up on the design piece and the tradeoff is that the processor is mid-range. I don’t game on my phone at all so I’m OK with that. My only sacrifice in leaving the S20 will be the in screen fingerprint reader. I don’t like having the fp reader on the back because I use my phone while it’s laying on the table a lot, but I’ll take the tradeoff in order to have stock android.


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