Find My Device Issues

For some reason, when I use Find My Device under my primary Gmail account, my phone is not listed. The other 2 tablets are listed. Since I have to monitor my partners life, as he never pays attention to details such as calendar events & email, I have his Gmail Account on my phone.If I log into Find My Device with his Gmail account, MY phone as well as the other two tablets appear under this secondary account. How do I get my phone back into being recognized by Find My Device under my primary Gmail Account?

As an aside, I just purchased a set of LG Tone Free FN4 ear buds. When I installed them on my setup tablet first, they installed and were labeled ‘His Name’ LG Tone Free in the Bluetooth list. Curious as to why it installed seemingly under his account.

I am going to remove his accounts from both, then reinstall. But am curious as to why I am getting crisscrossed associations between these Accounts on these devices. On the phone, I have 3 Gmail Accounts. This third account never shows up to bother anything except within the Gmail email app.

Update: I removed my partners Gmail Account from both my new tablet, and my phone. My phone still does not show up in Find My Device.

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